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Welcome to The Party Co.

We provide pre-chilled drinks, a plentiful supply of ice, premium glassware and bar accessories – as well as personalised service to supervise your occasion.

Professional barmen and service staff to meet your every need.   Home delivered imported glassware, frozen cocktail machines and other bar accessories.   Credit card payments accepted. We also offer a full refund on returns of unused beverages.
Our refrigerated vehicles are fitted with GPS and in cell phone contact to ensure all drinks arrive ice-cold, and on time. We'll collect all hired items and unused beverages after the event.   We provide a plentiful supply of ice for your drinks and blocks for chilling.   With over 30 years of party planning experience, we'll help you plan a memorable party.

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Tel: 021 425 1639
Fax: 021 419 9520
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